NTNU, SINTEF, Telenor Research and 5G-VINNI hosts
3rd Nordic Conference on ICT: 5G for Industry & Society
Oslo, 5-6 November 2020

NTNU, SINTEF, Telenor Research and 5G-VINNI invites to a 2-day virtual conference to discuss the changes, challenges, and opportunities the Telco Industry will face in their journey to commercialize 5G for industry and society.

5G will be different from prior mobile generations in many aspects. The 5G vision highlights a network empowering industry verticals in addition to providing the society with high capacity connectivity.  5G is expected to be the first mobile network where a key business case will rest on new services driven by enterprise customers deploying internet of things networks, not “human users.”

5G technology is designed to meet the needs from advanced future services. 5G is targeting new verticals like health care and automotive sectors, extended broadband services and mission critical services like traffic and factory automation. This will open up new markets for the Telco Industry.

In order to reap the full benefit of 5G, it will be combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. This promises to increase security, enable customized services, provide new monetization opportunities and significantly improve reliability through prediction of problems and performance of network healing

On these two days, we invite you to share your knowledge and seek new insight related to implementing 5G for industry and society. We will discuss the status of 5G implementations and what needs to happen in order for Telco Industry and its partners to deliver on realizing the 5G vision.

The conference program consist of five sessions: 1) 5G for Industry & Society, 2) 5G technology update, 3) 5G business update, 4) Security in 5G networks and beyond and 5) Beyond 5G and towards 6G.