Telenor Research invites to a 2-day conference to discuss the changes, challenges, and opportunities the telecom industry will face in their journey to realizing the 5G vision.

5G will be different from prior mobile generations in many aspects. The 5G vision highlights a network empowering industry verticals.  5G is expected to be the first mobile network where a key business case will rest on new services driven by enterprise customers deploying internet of things networks, not “human users.”

The 5G technology is designed to meet the needs from advanced future services. 5G is targeting new verticals like health care and automotive sectors, extended broadband services and mission critical services like traffic and factory automation. This will open up new markets for the Telco industry.

In order to get full benefit of 5G, it will be combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in network management by predicting problems, and performing network healing. The Telco industry will use analytics and AI to monetize network data in real time to significantly improve both reliability and security.

On these two days you will get a sense of the changes needed, time to discuss the complexity of the issues and also clarity of what needs to happen in order for the telecom industry to deliver on realizing the 5G vision.

The two days will have plenty of breaks for mingling, lunch and dinner on first day.

Program topics 11th April 09:00 – 17:00

Part 1: 5G – Realizing the vision
The 5G vision outlines a powerful and programmable software controlled network infrastructure empowering industry verticals. This opens up for new business models and will change the current telecommunication ecosystem.
High level participation. Key notes and panel debate.

Part 2: 5G Verticals: key use cases
There will be new actors and ways to provide value added services to various vertical sector industries such as health care, energy, utility, automotive, transport, retail, entertainment, media, finance, and public safety.

Part 3: Network slicing: a powerful transformation opening new business opportunities
Network Slicing aims to create new business opportunities by enabling a variety of business verticals and flexible delivery of services over 5G. There are challenges, for instance within realization, standardization and regulatory issues, before we can make use of slicing.

Part 4: Social event 18:00 – 22:00: Dinner at Telenor EXPO Restaurant Vision

Program topics 12th April 9:00 – 14:00

Part 1: The 5G operational landscape
5G technology will be operated in a new regulatory and competitive landscape. New spectrum will be taken into use, possibly with new conditions.

Part 2 :5G access and infrastructure
The 5G technology components include a new, flexible and more spectrum efficient radio interface and new, advanced antenna technologies like Massive MIMO. Virtualization of the access network opens new opportunities for a more flexible infrastructure, and better services.

Part 3: Artificial Intelligence in 5G networks
Network data analytics will provide operational efficiency and mitigate common network problems in a dynamic and proactive way. In addition, this will enable customized services and enable novel concepts (e.g. edge computing) to improve customer experience.